Images of Change Intelligence

Posted Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Images from my recent series of posts on Change Intelligence. Click on any image to see the original post.

Change Intelligence Quotient

Change Intelligence

Coaches and Drivers

CQ Coach 500

  Performance Valley v.2

CQ Driver


Visionaries and Facilitators

CQ Visionary

the light of lighthouse beacon


CQ Facilitator

Executors and Champions

CQ Executor 500

 Executor Woman 500x333

CQ Champion 500


CQ Adapter 500x347

Adapter woman 500x326

The Platinum Rule For Visionary Leaders

CQ Platinum Rule for the High Head Leader

The Platinum Rule For “Just Do It Change” Leaders

CQ Platinum Rule for the High Hands Leader

The Platinum Rule for People-Focused Change Leaders


CQ Platinum Rule for the High Heart Leader

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