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Organizational Assessment

In a targeted change effort, we will use ongoing assessments that are already being collected by the client, such as annual employee surveys. These assessments are especially useful in measuring long term trends and tying organizational rewards to leadership performance.

Slade & Associates can also create custom organizational assessments of climate, morale, capacity to change and leadership impact. We are experts in creating valid and reliable quantitative assessments such as surveys. We are also facile at creating qualitative measures such as focus groups and depth interviews.

We have deep expertise in global employee surveys and in the use of conjoint analysis to create total reward systems.

We can also help your organization start using current organizational assessments more effectively, using the intelligent change model. We have created action planning systems using artificial intelligence to suggest specific best practices for leaders. If your employee survey does not seem to have any positive impact, talk to us about creating an organization-wide action planning process to drive intelligent change.


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