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At Slade & Associates, we help leaders, organizations and career changers create dialogue and insight to drive intelligent change. Our services include change management consulting, leadership development and coaching.

Unlike many consultants, we don’t force fit your needs into a limited set of capabilities. We have a broad range of skills, combining the best of three worlds:

Solid science for data driven insight. We can do big data, leadership assessment and organizational assessment, drawing on the expertise of Ph.D.s in organizational psychology.

Practical experience from business. Allen Slade’s background includes leadership positions at Ford Motor Company and Microsoft. He also serves as an adjunct professor of business at the College of William & Mary.

Certified leadership coaching. Allen has a certificate in leadership coaching from Georgetown University and access to a network of experienced coaches that fit the needs of most executives, leaders and career changers.

We are clear on what we do. We are also clear on what we don’t do. If we can’t help you, you can be confident we will say so.

Whether you are looking for a change management consultant, a coach or just some ideas from our blog to spark new insights, please join our dialogue today.


What Our Clients Say…

I had the opportunity to have Dr. Allen Slade as a mentor and professional coach while attending the College of William and Mary. Dr. Slade's coaching sessions were invaluable to my personal and professional journey while at William and Mary. Dr. Slade is thoughtful, intelligent, and able to provide insight and guidance for nearly every situation. Our sessions were one on one and I always left feeling peaceful and re-invigorated about whatever situation was going on in my life. Dr. Slade provided coaching to me on my professional career path, conflict resolution, ways to work effectively in a team, and more. I would highly recommend Dr. Slade for any of your coaching needs.

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Carin Andrews Rhodes
Federal Advisory Associate at KPMG US

Allen's thoughtful approach and insights on leadership helped me to manage change and to grow as a leader. His guidance led me to a deeper level of self-reflection and knowledge. Allen is a professional with utmost integrity and commitment to his clients.

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Mark Begly
Associate Vice President for Development and Campaign Director, The College of William & Mary

Prof. Allen Slade coached me during my MBA coursework at The College of William and Mary. He helped me understand people and my profession better as an international student. Our conversations ranged across various topics, such as IT, Music, Philosophy, and more. He took efforts to connect with me and help me grow. I highly recommend Allen, as a person and as a coach.

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Gaurav Hombali
SharePoint Consultant at LANTek

Prof. Slade's instruction on leadership guided me to defining my personal leadership brand. His program activities immerse you in safe environments, where you can practice, review, and modify your leadership competency.

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Edmund Amoye
Retail Manager, Moët Hennessy USA

Without a doubt, Allen's gift is helping other people find theirs. Perhaps his greatest skill is that he not only listens, but also helps you listen to yourself as he uses his expertise to draw out your deepest values and passions, and help you connect them to more effective and more fulfilling work. Whether you are seeking more efficiency and joy in your current position or looking for an entirely different career, Allen's highly skilled guidance, paired with his genuine encouragement and authentic care to see you succeed, is a unique benefit that you can't afford to miss!

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J. Katharine Watson
Development Coordinator & Health Literacy Coordinator at Literacy for Life

I first met Allen about 2 years after selling a successful business. I was searching for my next career opportunity and found myself not sure which direction to pursue. Allen's guidance helped me develop a clear vision for my personal leadership brand through thoughtful questions, exercises and dialog. This enabled me to better target my career search and influence potential employers.

Allen’s guidance was instrumental in finding my current position. I have learned valuable skills that will be an asset for the rest of my life. I would highly recommend Allen to anyone who is seeking a to maximize their personal and professional potential.

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John Walrath
Imaging Training and Technical Support Manager at Datacolor

I came to Dr. Slade for coaching/mentoring because he was one of the greatest influences in my life. If you are considering procuring his services; I will tell you three things that you will receive.  First, he will help you to visualize your goals. Second, he will lead you through a process that allows you to give a voice to your aspirations. Finally, he will help you to see how you can empower yourself through all of the hubris, naysayers and self doubts and arrive at a place that only you can equivocate, which is victory! If you are willing to let it all hang out, you are giving yourself one of the greatest gifts by having “Doc" work with you! Enjoy what will surely be a life changing experience.

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Martin Williams
Operations Manager, Shaw Industries

Dr. Slade was my LEAD guide and mentor during my MBA at the College of William & Mary. I got to learn a lot about active and intentional leadership from Dr. Slade. He made it a point to have a meaningful conversation. Coming from a different country and culture, my interactions with him were very helpful in grooming and enhancing my leadership capabilities and experience into a form relevant to the environment in the US business world. I continue to consciously  use the nuggets of active listening and the power of feedback in my current leadership role and reap the benefits.

I would recommend Dr. Slade to anyone who is interested in furthering his/her leadership capabilities and execution via coaching.

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Alap Desai
Department Manager, Snyder's-Lance, Inc.

Dr. Slade is truly an expert in his field. He dedicated his teaching and coaching to integrating his experience in business with contemporary research on leadership to guide young professionals to become leaders.

I benefited from Dr. Slade’s coaching at a pivotal point in my career on three issues: clarity, courage and composure.  I gained clarity through to define the nature of my career goals, unclouded by the distractions of daily life. I built courage to follow-through with my goals using tools such as centering in the moment and overcoming self-restricting barriers. Finally, Dr. Slade patiently directed my composure as I battled a major obstacle in my professionalism by helping slow my speech rate when articulating my purpose and passion.

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Arwa Zabarah
Consultant at the World Bank Group

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