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Coaching Resources

Centering Exercise

This centering exercise is useful for leaders to increase their effectiveness by focusing on their purpose, thoughts, speech, emotions and relationships.

Audio instructions for leadership centering (6 min.)

Written instructions for leadership centering (Word 97 doc)

Coaching Agreements

These are samples of basic agreements for coaching services offered by Slade & Associates.

Sample Leadership Coaching Agreement  (Word 97 doc)

Sample Career Coaching Agreement (Word 97 doc)

“What is Leadership Presence?”

This speech on leadership presence was given by Allen Slade to the Delta Gamma sorority at the College of William & Mary on March 16, 2009. Allen explains his philosophy of leading from the inside out, gives some personal examples of how our internal story can impact our leadership and demonstrates a leadership centering exercise. (34 min.)



What Our Clients Say…

I had the opportunity to have Dr. Allen Slade as a mentor and professional coach while attending the College of William and Mary. Dr. Slade's coaching sessions were invaluable to my personal and professional journey while at William and Mary. Dr. Slade is thoughtful, intelligent, and able to provide insight and guidance for nearly every situation. Our sessions were one on one and I always left feeling peaceful and re-invigorated about whatever situation was going on in my life. Dr. Slade provided coaching to me on my professional career path, conflict resolution, ways to work effectively in a team, and more. I would highly recommend Dr. Slade for any of your coaching needs.

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Federal Advisory Associate at KPMG US 

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