The Roots of Healthy Leadership

Posted Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Allen Slade

For sustained leadership success, you must consider more than just what you accomplish or how you act. You must consider who you are.

Bob Rosen of Healthy Companies International has been researching and writing about leadership health. He has a book coming out soon and because of the partnership between Healthy Companies and Slade & Associates, I would like to give you a sneak peak of Bob’s Healthy Leader® model. Today’s post will share some images of healthy leadership, and over the next month, we will explore the impact of healthy leadership on organizations

Leadership is like a tree. The leader’s accomplishments are the fruits of leadership. The leader’s actions are the visible parts of the tree – the trunk, branches and leaves. But the roots of leadership are defined by who the leader is. Without healthy roots, there will be no fruit and the tree will wither.

Tree with Roots

The six dimensions of leadership health – physical, emotional, intellectual, socialvocational and spiritual – define who you are as a leader. They are the roots of your leadership.

Healthy Leader Model

Image courtesy of Healthy Companies Inc.

Leaders who are healthy have strong roots that lead to effective leadership behavior and positive outcomes for the organization.

Healthy Leader Value PropositionModified from an image courtesy of Healthy Companies Inc.

How healthy is your leadership? By examining the roots of your leadership, by looking at who you are and not just what you do or how much you accomplish, you can create sustainable success for yourself and those you lead.

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